Wellcome to the dental Training Center "Atelier Dental".

The Atelier

As mentioned in the description, "Atelier Dental" is a dental training center directed by Dr. Óscar González. Within its training areas we can find: periodontics, aesthetics, implantology ...


The Atelier, opened its doors for the first time on November 2, 2015. Since then, more than 200 professionals in the dental sector have received training in various specialized areas

The training center is located in the heart of Spain, Madrid, specifically in one of the most central neighborhoods of the capital.

After several years of training at the highest level and the hand of a solid professional experience accompanied by a multitude of conferences and presentations at national and international level, Dr. Gónzalez go a step further, decided to open his own dental clinic in the to be able to apply all the techniques and treatments learned for years. His desire to transmit his experience, led him to create the training center "Atelier Dental" that we know today.

A small walk through the Atelier



“We all have an artist inside”

For us, this concept is vital, only providing creative solutions based on experience, we can distance ourselves from the conventional.


"Passion as a motor"

Another of the fundamental pillars on which we base our work. Supported by passion, we manage to be more efficient and take our work to other levels.


“The world does not stop”

From El Atelier, we love the traditional, but we do not ignore the technological avant-garde, because we believe that virtue lies between both terms.


"Keep Updated and search"

With this words we can define another of our strategies. We apply dentistry as a science, in which, investment is fundamental to progress.

Training areas

Soft Tissues

Surgical management of soft tissues in the anterior and posterior aesthetic sectors.


Prep Venners, No Press y Press Less.

Anterior Implants and Provisional restorations

Anterior and posterior implants. Provisionalization of immediate and deferred implants.

Dental Photography

Photographic shot, color, and communication with the laboratory technician.


Latest techniques and periodontal treatments.


latest technologies in restorative materials.